Itogon-Suyoc Resources Inc. (ISRI)


APX acquired Itogon-Suyoc Resources, Inc. (ISRI) in June 2015, becoming the assignee-company of all mining assets of the former Itogon-Suyoc Mines, Inc. (ISMI) —The Sangilo Mine in Itogon and the Suyoc Mine in Mankayan, both located in Benguet Province, and the Benit Claim in Labo, Camarines Norte.



In 2022, the Sangilo Mine was in the upgrading stage of its Mill plant. The Mine was able to produce an average 440tpd. It is ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)-certified by TUV Rheinland. The scope of the certification is exploration, mining and processing of gold and silver ore for Sangilo & Suyoc minesite.

In March 2022, ISRI was presented with the Safety Seal by the Department of Labor and Employment – Cordillera Administrative Region.

ISRI was the first mining company in CAR to be given this seal of approval.

Social Development and Management Program – (Php 5.489M)

Host barangays: Ampucao & Poblacion,

Neighboring barangays: Virac, Tinongdan, Dalupirip, Ucab, Tuding, Gumatdang, Loacan

ISRI actively contributes to the social development by undertaking community activities/services like financial assistance for health concerns, facilities and medical professionals, access and support to local schools, livelihood programs for local residents, assistance to socio cultural activities, and assistance to infrastructure development and facilities improvement.

Among its community development initiatives in 2022 were: financial assistance/sponsorship to various community activities like barangay fiesta & IP celebration, various donations to organizations of senior citizen, various electrical supplies & trash bins for various elementary schools, and road signages to Brgy Virac


Environmental Protection (Php 41.4M)

ISRI manifests its commitment to sustainable environmental management and protection campaign through programs and projects like reforestation, TSF raising and enhancement project, slope stabilization, regular road backfilling and grading, regular water sampling, construction of filtration and settling pond at L1300 drain tunnel, clean-up of Ambalanga River, hauling/treatment of residual and hazardous waste, implementation of stack emission test, ambient air quality monitoring and work environment monitoring.

One of the tree species ISRI propagates in its nursery is the Benguet Pine, coffee, rain trees, palm trees, rambutan, avocado, and other flowering & ornamental plants, with 3011 seedlings of Benguet pine, Coffee, and Bamboo donated to several reforestation programs in 2022.


Big Brother Small Brother

ISRI collaborates with small scale miners through its Big Brother Small Brother (BBSB) program. Under this scheme, ISRI’s partner-organization (usually a cooperative/association of small scale miners) mines in designated areas within ISRI’s tenements, with small miners also undergoing ISRI’s standard miners’ underground orientation, including safety, 安全与ISO合规.

In December 2022, ISRI renewed its agreement with the Dalicno Small Scale Miners Association (DaSSMA).

Under the BBSB. ISRI remitted Php20,594,388 to DaSMMA in 2022.



The Suyoc Mine is still under resource validation — exploration work, surface mapping and target verification using diamond drilling for further confirmation of mineral resources and ore reserves continued all throughout 2022. It is ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management system)-certified by the TUV Rheinland (scope: mining exploration and project development).


Community Development Programs – (Php196,000)

Host barangays: Suyoc, Guinaoang and Taneg

Neighboring barangays: Bakun

In 2022, Suyoc Mine’s community development programs included providing financial assistance to health facilities/workers, subsidizing the day care worker for the educational support programs and promoting organic farming and composting. During the 2-yr exploration period, it spent an additional amount of Php 788,000 on top of the CDP as part of its Corporation Social Responsibility to its host barangays and neighboring communities, including the Municipality of Mankayan.

Environment Work Program(Php401,000)

At the Suyoc minesite the environmental work programs focused on land resource and hydrology and water quality management. Suyoc Mine’s nursery propagated pine trees and coffee seedlings for planting in its tenements and donation to local communities. It adopted a reforestation site at Sitio Elizabeth (7 hectares) planted to pine and guava trees.