Mission, Vision and Values


To promote the well-being of all stakeholders by embracing safety as a way of life, achieving world class environment standards, and upholding a holistic approach to wellness.

This we do with care and sincere commitment to realize a sustainable, responsible, and globally recognized mining company.


Rapid growth of resources is assured – Conduct exploration activities continuously with diligence and explore new opportunities for gold and other metal resources.

Outstanding mining image is maintained – Ensure that it employs only high caliber employees who will work productively and efficiently to meet corporate visions.

Optimal production is achieved – Continuously introduce modern technologies and operational improvements in both the mining and milling operations to meet the challenges of production.

Adequate fund is properly resourced   –  Implement careful planning and well-managed financial resources to ensure optimal production will be achieved.

Outstanding external relationships is sustained   – Maintain outstanding relationships with partners from various business, civic, and government groups through honest, transparent and above-board engagements.

Indigenous peoples’ good relations is maintained  – Maintain and sustain the amiable relationship between the Company and the Mansakas Tribe in Compostela Valley by providing employment to their skilled men, supporting their undertakings, and developing them via capacity building programs.

All risks are identified and managed – Provide safe and secured workplace for the employees through regular inspection of tenement and identification of potential hazards for early remediation and correction.

Five star systems is supported –Practice the five star systems standards to pursue the Company’s advocacy of being a responsible mining company.

World standard environmental practices are demonstrated   –  Endeavour to achieve world excellence in its compliance with environmental laws and protection of the country’s natural resources.

High performance one team is demonstrated  –  Value its employees highly by providing them education, training, safe working place, safety awareness, environmental care, health programs and protection to allow them to grow with the Company.